about ICE
about ICE
our mission

1. Consultation for study design, protocols, and statistical analyses
2. Data management (database development; logical check; data cleaning)
3. Study support for investigator-led clinical studies (contract development; accountings; secretariat)
4. Monitoring and audit for investigator-led clinical studies
5. Assistance for any study (questionnaire development; patients survey; telephone interview; follow-up)
6. Document development (questionnaires; case report form; grant applications; IRB forms)
7. Pre-review of IRB application
8. Education of clinical study skills (design; biostatistics; academic writing)
9. Joint research with International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN)
10.Data storage (repository) for independent investigators and research societies. [Request for Data Storage]


・Audit/Repository Manager
・Secretary-general/Data Manager
・Data Manager
・Data Manager
・Data Manager
Hiroyuki Kogawa, MD
Mio Sakuma, MD, PhD, MPH
Makiko Ohtorii
Ai Sunagawa
Sachiko Kitamura, RN
Mayuko Ikeda